XRP Traders Get Rewarded on Singaporean Exchanges with Airdrop

• MEXC Global and Bitrue, two Singapore-based exchanges, have recently announced rewards opportunities for XRP traders.
• MEXC Global is offering a Trade Mining event with 6,500 XRP tokens in the prize pool.
• Bitrue is offering an airdrop for XRP users to encourage participation in the new Coreum blockchain ecosystem.

XRP Holders Earn Rewards on Singaporean Exchanges

Two Singapore-based exchanges, MEXC Global and Bitrue, are offering daily reward opportunities for XRP traders. These exchanges provide incentives such as ETF Trade Mining events and airdrops that enable users to earn additional rewards when trading XRP tokens.

MEXC Global ETF Trade Mining Event

MEXC Global has launched an ETF Trade Mining event which offers incentives to XRP traders. Users can trade selected XRP token pairs and share in a total prize pool of 6,500 XRP tokens. The promotion has been running since March 22 and will end on March 24 at 3:59 p.m UTC, with 50% of the total prize pool (3,250 XRP) automatically distributed daily to user accounts. In addition, MEXC Global also announced support for the upcoming Coreum airdrop which will distribute 50 million xCORE tokens to SOLO and XRP holders.

Bitrue Airdrop For XRP Users

Bitrue held an airdrop event for all its users who hold in their wallets both SOLO and XPR assets before 3:50 am UTC on March 24th. This event was designed to encourage participation in the new Coreum blockchain ecosystem which went live on March 24th 2023 at around 4:00 am UTC. All eligible participants were able to receive xCORE Airdrop during this event period by locking in their SOLO and XPR assets before the deadline mentioned above.

Coreum Blockchain Ecosystem

The Coreum blockchain ecosystem is designed to bring together digital assets from across different blockchains into one platform where they can be securely stored, exchanged or used as collateral for various financial services such as loans or investments without needing any third party intermediaries or centralized entities controlling them. With features such as cross-chain interoperability and high transaction speeds, Coreum aims to be one of the leading ecosystems providing secure access to digital assets worldwide.


Singaporean exchanges MEXC Global and Bitrue are providing rewarding opportunities for those who trade with their respective platforms by offering daily rewards such as ETF Trade Mining events and airdrops that enable users to earn additional rewards when trading with their chosen asset type – namely Ripple’s (XPR). Through these events users can partake in promotions that offer valuable prizes whilst playing an important part in supporting the growth of promising new technologies such as Coreum’s blockchain ecosystem – helping unlock vast potentials within our digital world today!