Recruitment company to use artificial intelligence and blockchain in hiring employees

Neotalent, with operations in Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, will use blockchain and AI in HR platforms.

Recruitment company will use artificial intelligence and blockchain in hiring employeesNOTÍCIAS

The Portuguese company Neotalent will use Artificial Intelligence and blockchain in a new recruitment platform for employees, according to the company announced during the Web Summit the initiative for companies in the peninsular country.

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The company’s platform aims to „digitise the talent market and the interaction between its various players, including talent, talent providers, customers and talent managers“.

The platform will have functions for selection, evaluation and Profit Revolution recommendations of employees between companies, as well as a system to consolidate curriculum information.

Neotalent is part of the Novabase Group and operates across Portuguese borders, with offices in Spain and the UK. The CEO of the company, Célia Vieira, spoke about the initiative to the portal Link to Leaders:

„Companies always want the best professionals and professionals want the best offers and jobs. With the IT market constantly changing, companies under competitive pressure and specialist talent under constant harassment, how can all parties meet their expectations? The key is to understand what the company culture is. We often find that a certain professional is technically excellent, but not suited to a particular company. The key is a thorough knowledge of the recruitment market, the company culture and a strong commitment to selection techniques. The technology behind this new platform will accelerate this process“.

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She added that the process of „selection, recruitment and management currently used by most employers is fallible“ and has not kept pace with the changes in the markets – accelerated still by the OVID-19 pandemic.

The Portuguese company is not the first to apply blockchain in the employee recruitment market. As reported by Cointelegraph Brasil, in August 2020 Japan’s largest human resources company also announced a blockchain recruitment application.

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The blockchain is also gaining ground in staff training and higher education programs around the world. The technology giant Samsung announced this week that the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) will join its innovation program, Ocean Samsung, alongside USP and the University of Amazonas.