Paradigm Co-Founder Explains Firm’s View on Crypto: We’ve Never Been More Excited

• Paradigm is one of the largest crypto VC funds that has seemingly pivoted to AI.
• Co-founder Matt Huang explained how the firm currently sees crypto, saying it has “never been more dedicated” to it.
• Huang also noted that Paradigm has become “research-driven” and is now investing across all stages in the crypto space.


Paradigm is one of the largest venture capital firms specializing in cryptocurrencies that has recently shifted its focus to AI. In a recent tweet, co-founder Matt Huang discussed Paradigm’s current view on cryptocurrencies and their investments within the space.


The release of ChatGPT a few months ago changed a lot in the venture capital world. Multiple VC funds started focusing on artificial intelligence companies, seemingly abandoning crypto technology. One such VC fund that seemingly pivoted to AI is Paradigm. On Tuesday, one of Paradigm’s co-founders explained on Twitter the current state of Paradigm and its focus.

Paradigm’s Humble Beginnings

Matt Huang, one of Paradigm’s co-founders, went to Twitter on Tuesday to explain how one of the best-known crypto funds is approaching its investment thesis. Huang started his thread by explaining how Paradigm came to be – saying there was no „master plan“ when it was founded but only „deep conviction in cryptocurrency“. He also noted that since then, they have adopted a research driven approach which is now at core with who they are as a company as reflected on their website.

Cryptocurrency Investment Thesis

Huang then finally revealed what Paradigm currently thinks of investing in cryptocurrency – noting that they have „never been more excited about crypto and we continue to invest across all stages“. He added that they are looking for projects with ambition and potential for real impact while also navigating through risk intelligently by diversifying exposure across tokens and protocols in order for them to maximize returns over time despite volatility within markets..


It’s clear from Matt Huang’s statements that even though Paradigm may have changed its focus from cryptocurrency investments initially, they still remain dedicated to investments within this arena – seeking out ambitious projects with potential for real impact while navigating through risk intelligently through diversification across tokens/protocols in order to maximize returns over time amidst market volatility.