Crypties Awards Recognize Outstanding Crypto Projects at Web Summit

Bullet Points:
• Decrypt Studios held the inaugural Crypties Awards in Miami in December of 2022
• The event was hosted by Josh Ostrovsky and presented by a variety of crypto projects
• Kathleen Breitman discussed the Tezos blockchain and NFT gaming onstage at the Web Summit in Lisbon

On November 30th, Decrypt Studios held the inaugural Crypties Awards in Miami, Florida. The event was hosted by Josh Ostrovsky, better known as “The Fat Jewish”, and presented by a variety of crypto projects such as Polygon, Filecoin Foundation, Lamina1, Async, BeetsDAO, The Gold Mask, Gem Set, Breakout, Anonymous, Infinite Objects, Ape Water, Decentralized Pictures, and Vault 721.

The awards were given out in nine categories, and the winner of the Game of the Year award was Crypto Unicorns. Katrina Wolfe accepted the Cryptie from presenter Avery Akkineni of Vayner3. The other nominees in the category were Stepn, Zed Run, and Blankos Block Party.

The Crypties 2022 also featured onstage panels and interviews from conferences and summits. Onstage at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman spoke about how the Tezos blockchain has used a proof-of-stake mechanism since its inception, her admiration for Tendermint, Ethereum and sharding, progressive decentralization, and NFT gaming with Decrypt’s Stephen Graves.

At the 0xpo Summit, Clay Robbins of Slow Ventures, Steven McKie of Amentum, and Curtis Spencer of Volt Capital discussed the state of raising capital in a bear market. They shared strategies for getting the best deals, structuring agreements, and adjusting to the current market conditions.

The Crypties Awards 2022 was an exciting and informative event, bringing together some of the biggest names in the crypto and blockchain industry. It was a great opportunity to recognize outstanding projects and celebrate the innovation and progress being made in the space.