Cardano Researcher Joins Elite Society: Wadler Joins Einstein, Darwin in Royal Society

• Cardano’s Lead Researcher, Phillip Wadler, was inducted into the prestigious Royal Society.
• Wadler is credited for his work in programming languages including Plutus, Java, C-hash (C#), and Rust.
• His induction further enhances the global reputation of Cardano’s research team, joining iconic innovators like Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein.

Cardano’s Lead Researcher Joins the Royal Society

The Royal Society has awarded its fellowship to Cardano’s Lead Researcher, Professor Phillip Wadler. This induction honors his contributions to advancing computer science and programming language theory and practice. Professor Wadler joins a host of notable modern-day computer scientists such as Jane Hilston, Alan Bundy, and his colleague Professor Aggelos Kiayias in being inducted into this esteemed society. The election of Professor Wadler further enhances the global reputation of Cardano’s research team and places them among some of history’s most iconic innovators and intellectuals such as Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein.

Professor Phillip Wadler

Professor Phillip Wadler has been integral to developing Cardano’s approach to conducting research with academic rigor and scientific principles since its inception. He is widely credited for his work in languages such as Plutus, Java, C-hash (C#) and Rust which are widely used in blockchain technology today. In addition to creating Plutus for Cardano’s programming language interface layer he also contributes heavily to other programming languages outside of blockchain technology as well.

The Royal Society

The Royal Society is an international organization that grants fellowships to individuals who have made ground-breaking contributions to improving natural knowledge through mathematics or engineering science. It elects 52 fellows from around the world each year based on their individual contribution to science or related fields making it a highly esteemed honor for any scientist or researcher who receives it.

Charles Hoskinson Congratulates Professor Wadler

On hearing the news about Professor Wadler’s induction into the Royal Society , Charles Hoskinson said that „I’m immensely proud of our team at IOHK for achieving this milestone! Congratulations Philip on your election into this distinguished society.“ The congratulations from Hoskinson reflect how important this moment is both professionally for Professore Wadley personally but also how important it is for IOHK as a whole in terms of recognition within the field of blockchain technology research..


This historic moment marks a great achievement not only for professor Phillip Wadely but also serves as a testament to the commitment that IOHK has towards academic rigor and scientific principles which have set them apart from other leading blockchains in the world today.