Bitcoin and crypto coins conquer more space

Binance celebrated its third anniversary with the virtual conference „Off The Charts“. This meeting offered the latest news, updates and a glimpse of what’s to come for the cryptographic ecosystem. In this virtual conference the artist and co-founder of the digital coin Akoin was present and showed his conviction that Bitcoin and cryptomonies will help the progress of Africa.

Africa goes for Bitcoin and the crypt coins

During Binance’s virtual meeting, „Off The Charts,“ which brought together more than 80 influential speakers, Akon stressed that the use of Bitcoin and crypto currencies is the key to Africa’s development.

Africans have readily accepted Bitcoin. Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa grabbed the headlines over the past year for having the most Bitcoin Circuit searches in the world.

South Africa also has the largest crypto ownership in relation to Internet users in the world. Bitcoin and crypto currencies are clearly making progress in Africa. Bitcoin has given Africans an alternative that gives them more control over their money.

The African Crypto-Currency Options: Akoin

Akoin is ready to push forward the city of Akon, a futuristic city the singer is building in his homeland, Senegal. Akoin will propel Africa, Akon believes. He’s already partnered with a $2 billion technology center in Kenya.

Akoin is detailed on his website, as an ecosystem that:

„Unleashes the potential of the world’s largest emerging economy through the creation of a reliable crypto currency, with a vision to stimulate and innovate, income-generating opportunities that support and strengthen youth entrepreneurship, economic stability and growth in Africa and the world.